2016 Nativity Cribs and Angels

A display of more than 200 cribs and featuring over 1,000 angels, in church over the weekend of 2-4 December

There are 36 photos for this gallery.
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View from the choir room Selection of miniaturists sets Bottlebrush crib
More cribs Some of the Heavenly Host Angels surround the High Altar
High Altar Guardian Angel with the Angel of the North and the More angels
Archangels surround the High Altar Model village Preparing the refreshments
Early visitors Minimalist Crib made by a Parishioner for his grandchildren Gourd crib figures  from Peru
Australian set featuring an emu, kookaburras, koalas,wombat,kangaroo and platypus Brownies' sheep and shepherds Another interpretation of the Nativity,  a fold away set from Oxfam
A musical glass nativity set African nativity set from Kenya A set of metal figures
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