Mon 6th March

Car parks

Protect all drivers on the roads around Wells today and protect all vehicles from damage. Reduce tempers of drivers on the roads and in our car parks.

Tues 7th March


Pray for the events, staff and worship life of the cathedral that it may be a powerful witness in this generation to the glory and love of God in the Diocese of Bath and Wells  and amongst visitors.

Wed 8th  March

Christian Churches

Pray for all the Christian Churches and the outreach they engage in. Pray for growth. Let the churches be a true representation of what you are calling her to be.

Thurs 9th  March


Bring healing to everyone who has recently been bereaved and for them to remember ‘good memories’

Fri 10th  March

Cinema and Little Theatre

We pray for the films, shows and activities of these centres of entertainment that their work may inspire, encourage and promote a better world.


Sat 11th March

Cycle lanes and bikes

Thank you for cycle lanes and may they be further developed. Protect cyclists from road traffic accidents. We pray that all may be disciplined about using protective clothing.

Sun 12th March


Father, we pray for all those who need an NHS dentist and struggle to find one. Help all dentists to give the best treatment they can.

Mon 13th March


We give thanks for the beautiful area we live in. We pray for farming techniques to respect creation and for a good harvest. Help farmers who are struggling.

Tues 14th March

Fire station

We pray for the staff including the volunteers who ensure a local fire service. As their work changes to manage other tragedies alongside fires protect them from stress and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Wed 15th  March

Food bank

Thank you for the generous donations to these and all the volunteers who give their time to fill this need. Be with those who are in a position where they have to use the service and help us all to make a community where such emergency provision is less needed.

Thurs 16th  March


Thank you for Wells in Bloom and all the ways it enhances the city. Pray for the community garden at the Bishop’s Palace and for the provision of all the green spaces around us.

Fri 17th March

Golf course

Thank you for the pleasure, fitness and company this brings to so many. May it be a place where friendships flourish.

Sat 18th March

GP surgeries

For all the staff, GP’s, practice nurses, receptionists to feel appreciated. For enough resources, staff and time to meet demand.

Sun 19th March


We pray for all hairdressers to be protected from low wages, to enjoy their work and build up a regular clientele. 

Mon 20th March


We pray for the work of the Connect Centre with those who are vulnerable housed or homeless. Provide the resources needed in these difficult times so that they can sustain a good service.

Tues 21st March

Houses and homes

Pray for the people moving into the new homes being built and for those in the community that all may be open to receiving them..

Wed 22nd March

Job centre/job clubs

Bring encouragement to staff in job centres working with difficult guidelines and protocols. Help all those genuinely seeking work to find an appropriate job that fits their skills and needs.

Thurs 23rd  March

leisure centres

Thank you for the leisure centre resources we have in Wells. We pray that more people will take advantage of them and find friends and fitness thereby.

Fri 24th  March


Thank you for the library and its resources and we pray that funding may continue so it can be sustained.

Sat 25th March

Museum and historical interest items..

In this historically rich medieval city and surroundings we pray for funding, for restoration, development, improvement and innovation that will enable these riches to be shared on into the future

Sun 26th March




For children to be in a safe environment, to enjoy learning and being with other children. For child care to be a place of joy and laughter. For staff, often low paid, to feel safe and appreciated.

Mon 27th March


We pray for all business’ that practice integrity to flourish. For struggling businesses that they may find solutions. For a growing sense of mutual support between the businesses in Wells and area.

Tues 28th March


Thank you for all police officers and those who support them. Help relationships with all the public, so that the public have confidence to report crimes.

Wed 29th March

Post Office

Thank you for all who deliver our post, protect them as they do so. May changes to post offices be better for the community and not simply a cost cutting exercise.


Thurs 30th March


For an increase in moral amongst teachers, for fair pay and working conditions. For children to receive high quality teaching that they find enjoyable, inspirational and encourages them to study. For all pupils to reach their full potential  For school to be places free from ‘sexting’, bullying, sexual harassment and assault for wise use of social media amongst pupils.

Fri 31st March

Town Hall

Thanksgiving for all who work for government , for local councillors, MP’s and civil servants. For God’s wisdom when making decisions that affect the lives of so many. For the presence of God to be felt along the corridors of power.

Sat 1st April


Thanksgiving for all those who look after animals that may be vital to a livelihood and pets that are part of families. For a reduction of animal cruelty in our community. For all those feeling lonely due to losing a beloved pet.

Sun 2nd April

Youth activities / skate park

Pray for the good provision of resources and activities for young people in our community. Pray for young people to benefit from strong role models including Christian ones.

Mon 3rd April

Your street

Pray for your neighbours and all those who live or work on your street.

Tues 4th April

Wells Dementia Alliance

Give thanks for the growing awareness of dementia in our area and pray that we may support people with dementia and their carer’s in even better ways.

Wed 5th April

Nursing and care homes

We pray for the residential homes such as Fletcher House, Torrwood and Henton and ask that staff and residents may find joy and good quality care within their daily lives.

Thurs 6th April

Care agencies

We pray for carers and ask that they may find support and strength to care well. We pray for all those entering people’s homes to care for them. We ask for decent wages, training and support for them.

Fri 7th April

Easter witness

We pray for Christian Together in Wells and Area (CTWA) that over Easter the witness to Christ and his love for all may be strong and profound and lead to people knowing it more fully for themselves.

Sat 8th April

Christian prayer witness

Pray that God may use you and your  prayers to bless Wells as a good place where many more come to know they are forgiven and loved by Christ.